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AEPGA passeios de burro
“Beasts of burden”, considered by many non-noble animals, donkeys are today among the endangered  species. Fortunately, there are efforts being made for their preservation.
AEPGA its a portuguese association working for the conservation of an indigenous breed of donkeys, the donkey from Miranda (“Burro Mirandês”), a charismatic long fur animal with a friendly temper.
In this donkey sanctuary, AEPGA provides donkey rides, an activity you should not miss. Beyond helping the preservation of the species, and having the privilege of getting in contact with this peculiar animal, you can enjoy the natural beauty of a Portugal lost in time and off the beaten track.
Just avoid the ponds (they get nervous with water) and enjoy the ride!



La Tenerie
La Tenerie
is a rural hotel in Sendim (“Trás-os-Montes” region) in the north of Portugal. In this region nature lovers can find breathtaking landscapes and explore the international region of Douro river (the natural border between Portugal and Spain).
In La Tenerie my experience was great, the owner and his family were extremely friendly and gave us a warm welcome.The hotel is quite comfortable and has several art crafts attending the village rural traditions and nature.
The breakfast its superb, fresh bread and home-made jams from cherry, pumpkin, raspberry, are waiting you in the morning! The same I can say about the other meals. We have tasted the traditional local food “posta mirandesa” (grilled cow meat) and “alheira” (chicken and bread sausage) and they were delicious. The red wine is also a must!
The owner can also tell you some stories around the language of the place, the “mirandês” dialect, (Portugal second language), just used in Miranda do Douro region. La Tenerie is a “mirandês” word that means leather factory.
An excellent place for a stay if you are a trekking and a gastronomy lover.


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