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Just one of the several sweet delicacies made with eggs we have in Portugal. “Ovos Moles”, a yummy “wrap” stuffed with a sweet cream made with egg yolk! This one is typical from Aveiro, a welcoming coastal city in the north. I love the flashy orange colour!

Os portugueses são especialistas em doces à base de ovos, e os Ovos Moles são disso exemplo. Directamente de Aveiro para todos os gulosos, um suave creme de gemas e calda de açúcar (com ou sem hóstia). E que cor de laranja fantástico!



cantinho das gaveas
There’s a fact you have to know about Portuguese: we are assumed codfish addicts!
The devotion for the fish is such that we have more than one thousand ways to cook it!
In short, the misery of the fish is the happiness of the gourmand.
Above, its one of the typical recipes, Pastéis de Bacalhau, a yummy fried pastry with cod, mashed potato and parsley. To eat warm of course! Ready for a bite?


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