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cube houses
The cube houses are probably the most iconic buildings of Rotterdam! The original idea was to create an urban “forest”. They look cool and odd in the urban texture. A local opened one of the houses so we can visit the inside, the idea is interesting more to look at, than to live in, too many angles!



hotel new york
Hotel New
York seems not to fit in Rotterdam contemporary scenery. A “secessionsstil” building between skyscrapers! The contrast is so big that you can imagine to be in a different city. Survivor from the world war II, this building was also ship departure point to New York during the 19th/20th centuries. Today it’s a hotel and a restaurant-bar with a nice and classy atmosphere. I didn’t have the chance to eat, but the speciality of the house is sea food. The bar has a nice feel for a drink! Catch a water-taxi to get there and enjoy one of Rotterdam’s hidden secrets.


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