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From the time I lived in the Netherlands I noticed dutchies were experts in what we may call “food shortcuts”, all sort of pre-prepared food and magic powders they transform in some kind of Indonesian delicacy in a couple of minutes! For me, as south european, this was weird, we like food so much we can spend hours cooking. NL may not be the dream destination for foodies…but hey, you can always find comfort in french fries! Who doesn’t love them? You will find them everywhere, golden, crispy and fat! Always with “special sauce” aka mayonnaise.

Ao viver na Holanda por um tempo, apercebi-me que este povo é especialista em “atalhos para cozinhar”, têm toda a espécie de alimentos pré-preparados e pós mágicos, que transformam em especialidades indonésias em questão de minutos! Para mim, habitante do sul da Europa, isto é um pouco estranho, já que por estas bandas gostamos tanto de comida que podemos passar horas a cozinhar! A Holanda pode não ser o destino de sonho para um bom garfo, mas podemos sempre encontrar conforto nas batatas fritas! Quem lhes resiste? Estão por todo o lado, douradas, crocantes e calóricas! Para devorar com “molho especial” aka maionese 😉



oh la la mosae hostel
This so-called hostel (but hotel) is ok for one night, I wouldn’t advice it for more. The location is really good, near the city center, with a view over the river, but well, all the rest is pricey for what you get.
They try to create thematic rooms but the final result is below average. Beyond that, the place is noisy, has no character, the facilities are small, the bathroom is in the corridor…but the worst is definitely the musty smell of the building!
If it wasn’t for the location this would be a very disappointing accommodation choice.


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